Digital Results. Geeky Passion. Total Transparency.

I fell in love with digital marketing as a copywriter in 2005, then as an email marketing manager for a Fortune 500 and found another perfect match with PPC and paid search in 2006.

Vector Digital marketingSince that time, I have managed hundreds of paid media campaigns, spending from a few hundred dollars to multiple six-figures every month. I branched from just paid search into Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Facebook PPC.

This also afforded me the opportunity to branch out even further into overarching digital strategy for many brands whose names you’d know, and many whose you wouldn’t. Going beyond just PPC, I’ve continued to manage and advise on email strategy and social strategy. All of these avenues have given me deep insight and insatiable curiosity for digital marketing.

I’m a word nerd, a metrics geek, and have a relentless pursuit of amazing results for clients.  If I can’t deliver them, I will say so.

Transparency: what a concept.

I’ve been complimented continuously for my ability to translate seemingly complex platforms and data into actionable suggestions and strategies that clients can not only understand, but also cheer on.

Let’s get you some amazing results.