4 PPC Things I Geeked Over at State of Search

This past Monday, I had the mega-privilege of speaking at the State of Search Conference in Dallas, TX. (Which happens to be home, so bonus for not having to travel. Especially since people can soon talk on their phone when flying. Don’t get me started, folks.)

Naturally, I hung around the Paid Search track a lot. Here were the top things I heard about that I cannot wait to try:

1. AdWords Scripts – Steve Hammer of RankHammer did one of the talks I was most geeked-out over. I’m basically deathly afraid of anything that comes close to coding, but I think he might have changed my mind. (Admittedly, it helped when he told me he’s also a fearful coder by nature.) From adding “countdowns” to your ads to bidding based on weather patterns, Steve did an awesome job of showing the power in uses scripts to control your accounts at a granular level.

He also has a great blog post with lots of link love on the subject here.

2. Power Pivot – Aaron Levy from SEER mentioned this, and I was really happy to know something like this exists. Maybe it’s lame that I had no clue it was even a thing, but if you run big, data-munching PPC accounts that frequently overwhelm Excel and make it crash, this is for you.

3. AdAlysis – Matt van Wagner touched on this in his talk. One of the things I like about Matt’s talks is he has a central theme, but he throws out generally-helpful pointers as well. One of the helpful things he mentioned this time around was a service releasing soon called AdAlysis. It claims that it will help condense and steamline your PPC Ad testing and analysis. Right now it’s just a sign-up page, but bet your butt I signed up.

4. Ad Guardian – Another van Wagner-mentioned gem, this is a service offered by the awesome folks at PPCHero as part of their Pro set of tools. It monitors your URLs, and if any of them go down, it will pause your ads so you’re not paying for traffic that’s going to an error page.

My brain is still caving in on itself from all of the awesome knowledge I got out of the conference as a whole, but these were 4 tools I jotted down as must-try’s in the next year. Check ‘em out.


  1. Conrad O'Connell says

    Not sure how much reporting you do, but those Adwords scripts can run auto-updating charts using the API with metrics you choose. Super powerful. Basically can create a web page that is an evergreen & automatic report.

  2. susanwenograd says

    Ooh juicy! Do you have a link to an example one?

    My issue is that I’d probably run into issues with e-commerce clients on that…I tend to use Analytics-side data because I can pull in sales and calculate ROAS. Another tool that I forgot to mention above that I’m going to give a shot for that is Excellent Analytics.

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